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We, Maria and Fredrik, established WAIK in 2020 with a dedication to master innovative knit-technology, build a specialized knitwear factory, and create garments of the highest quality using the world's finest natural materials - and do all that right here in Sweden. This forms the core of WAIK today.


WAIK is both a brand and a factory - all under one roof - and with us two being both the designers and manufacturers behind every piece. Situated outside of Gothenburg, we have established a cutting-edge knitwear factory where we have crated a unique process over the years for making high quality garments.


We merge traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, which defines the foundation of our factory and the production of each garment.


By utilizing 3D-knit technology, we not only enhance garments with new form, fit, and function but we have also established a globally exceptional production process. Zero-waste, minimal stock and production on-demand, are all a part of our way of creating a pioneering knitwear factory. Every garment is made with the utmost care and in exceptional natural materials. Made to be used, made to be cared for. Made in Sweden.

Welcome to WAIK.

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